About Iris BarzenI’m Iris Barzen and I coach women to help them un-muddle their brain, prioritize their time and take more walks around the lake.

But let’s talk about you first.


My nonexistent oracle cards tell me that you…

  • Have probably gone through your fair share of life changes because your big dreams demanded that you do.
  • Feel a yearning deep in your bones that you can’t quite name yet. Maybe it’s about not wanting to feel so scattered and guilty anymore.

I heard oracle cards aren’t always super accurate with their predictions, but if you find yourself in that description, this is for you:

Dear amazing, slightly overwhelmed woman: It is not impossible to feel calm and grounded as you juggle your life.

Being productive and focusing on the things that matter to you doesn’t require you to become a robot without needs or tackle a new time-management system.

Learn more about my philosophy on productivity and feeling good.

My work

I received my coach certification (ACM) from Integral Coaching Canada, a coaching institute I highly respect for their grounded philosophy on how change works. I mix what I learned there with my own methodology that I’ve fine-tuned from working with dozens of clients one-on-one.

In my coaching, I help women slowly create a life they love, taking out all the things that don’t fit them and filling the space with things that do. When we part ways, they feel more at ease and at home in their lives. They are more productive with the things that matter to them.

You could say that I help women consciously create the lives they want.

If that sounds intriguing to you, then have a look at my coaching services.

What brought me to this work

When I moved out of home to go to college, it occurred to me that I did indeed have a say in how I spend my life – just how boring or how exciting it is. Whether I “follow my dreams” (hate that vague statement) or spend my days in an office job that makes me crave the weekends – it’s entirely up to me!

Since then I have been carefully curating a life that feels right to me and I chose coaching as my profession because I love helping women do the same.

If you and I were to sit down for tea I’d tell you…

That I’m generally passionate about all things psychology and am currently studying to get my Bachelor’s degree at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz, Germany.

I like to drink tea and philosophize with my friends -I’m usually excited about some idea or philosophy that I want to experiment with. I love exploring minimalist living and experimenting with healthy recipes I find on Pinterest. I’m German with a passion for languages, especially English.

If you asked me my best piece of advice would probably be this: Trust your own rhythm.

Also, random: If I had to choose a label for myself that, for some reason, would be glued to my head for people to know who I am, I’d choose “compassionate deep thinker, sometimes funny”.

Stay with me?

Aside from coaching, I love to write. I write about minimalism, ease, and tools and ideas that come out of coaching sessions with clients. If you want to read my articles you can read them here. Or you can get them sent to your inbox by subscribing below.


“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– H. Thurman