I’m Iris Barzen and I’m a coach. I help perfectionists develop sustainable productivity habits so they feel less overwhelmed.

It is possible to be productive without killing yourself. Your life shouldn’t feel so stressful. With me, you can feel good now, while you’re working towards your big goals. Not when you get there.

“Working with Iris has created more room in my life to breathe and be me. I have gone from being burdened, confused in my career to confident, in tune with myself, having a vision and a strategy.”

Paulina, Cartoonist

How we develop your productivity routine

When my clients come to me they are usually really tired. They have lots of (exciting) things on their plate and while they might still be functioning and somewhat happy, they are sick of feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all the things they could be doing.

Through my coaching, I help them make sustainable changes. I won’t suggest easy band-aid solutions that insult your brain (“think positively! If you really commit, this will be easy!”) and I don’t interpret weird stuff into what you’re doing (“I think this is all because of your dad”).

Instead, we go deep and figure out why you procrastinate/sabotage/insert-your-favorite-way-to-get-stuck-in-the-mud-here.

I am not

  • a crystal waving coach who talks about manifesting what you want from the Universe (although if you’re into crystals and tarot cards, that’s fine with me!)
  • a fluffy untrained coach who read a bunch of self-help books for qualification
  • a self-improvement guru raising my eyebrows when you tell me about your struggles

Instead, I am

  • thoughtful and compassionate
  • trained and certified with a solid methodology for human behavioral change
  • aware of empirical research on goals & habits

“I’ve figured out more about myself and my life from a few sessions with Iris than I did in a semester of private counseling sessions. The stuff we figure out together translates into real change.”

– Joanna James-Lynn, founder of Taskerly

What I do

In my coaching, I help ambitious people develop realistic and sustainable habits to get more done with less stress. You don’t need to grit your teeth to achieve your goals, what you need are small habits to help you focus on what matters. You’ll learn to prioritize, procrastinate less, focus and find actual work-life balance.


I have a B.Sc. in psychology and am currently getting my master’s in Salzburg, Austria. My work is influenced by minimalism and sound theories of behavior change. I have been working with clients since 2013 and received several coaching certifications.

With hundreds of hours of coaching under my belt, I bring both empirical psychological knowledge and a robust coaching method to your goals. And I promise we’ll laugh a lot!

What is Iris like?

I’m generally passionate about all things psychology. I’m German, but I currently live in beautiful Salzburg, Austria.

I like to drink tea and philosophize with my friends – I’m usually excited about something and can’t wait to share my latest experiment on decluttering or plastic reduction or the vegan cheesecake recipe that wasn’t a failure.

I have a passion for languages, am native-level fluent in English and currently learning Spanish from scratch.

Also: This might be my favorite quote:


“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– H. Thurman

Notice that he didn’t say “the world needs lots of ambitious people with burn out”.

“The work I have done with you has been the most thorough, successful, and lasting self-work that I have ever done. Our time was productive and I saw incredible results.”

– Amy, owner of Stonybrook Design