irisI’m Iris Barzen and I coach creative women so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and find time for the things that matter to them (like writing or more quiet walks around the lake).

But let’s talk about you for a minute.


My nonexistent oracle cards tell me that you…

  • Have probably gone through your fair share of life changes because your big dreams demanded that you do.
  • Feel a yearning deep in your bones that you can’t quite name yet. It’s something about feeling focused and at ease throughout your day rather than constantly being behind.
  • Are ambitious, but you want to have time for self-care too.

I heard oracle cards aren’t always super accurate with their predictions, but if you find yourself in that description, I want to say to you:

Dear amazing, slightly overwhelmed woman: It is not impossible to have clarity in your creative business.

It is not impossible to be productive and still have time to read a good book.

But something has got to change if you want to finally have time to live the life you want.

I can help you make that change.

Learn more about my philosophy on productivity and feeling good.

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