Tweaking your days and simplifying your life allows you to spend time on the things that bring you joy.

To balance being a creative business owner, mother, friend and wife with more ease and less anxiety.

Being productive and focusing on the things that matter to you doesn’t require you to become a robot without needs or tackle a new time-management system.

Become a woman who knows she’ll focus on the right things to work on in her business and can therefore afford to take the afternoon off to read some good fiction.


“I’m back to being excited when I wake up instead of wanting to curl up in a ball and avoid things.”

– Amy, owner of Stonybrook Design


A Simple Life

A six-month one-on-one coaching program.

Simplify your life at home. Easily prioritize and feel confident about how you spend your time. Develop kind productivity habits and let go of self-doubt & procrastination.

Launching soon.

If you’re interested in coaching together, I’d love to hear from you.

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“Coaching with Iris was like being able to have a conversation with that tiny voice at the back of your mind, that is normally drowned out by doubts and other people’s opinions.”

– Rebecca Denton