What is a Wild Woman anyways?

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they talk about “becoming a Wild Woman”, or when they talk about The Divine Feminine energy? I know for me The Divine Feminine felt like an unfathomable spiritual concept in the beginning, and I had no idea what to do with it. How was I to embody something that I didn’t understand?

So now when I work with a client around embodying Wild Woman and calling that sacred energy into her life, one of the first things we do is figuring out what “Wild Woman” means to her.

Each women picture Wild Woman differently – some see her wearing chucks and comfortable clothing, others in a sensual red dress, or wearing teeki yoga pants. I love how unique her appearance is to each client, and yet all the Wild Woman descriptions have a common thread weaved throughout them.

We are all talking about the same energy: The Wild Feminine. It can be hard to put into words sometimes, and I’ve been trying to write about her desire for freedom, her strength, her intuitive nature for a while now, never quite knowing how to bring her soul & spirit alive on paper.

That’s when a client of mine sent me a piece of writing, trying to get to know Wild Woman for herself. As I read her words, I understood right away that she had managed to put into writing what I had been at loss of words for all this time.

So with her permission, I’m sharing her words with you today.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Wild Woman embodying The Divine Feminine / Shakti would look like, this is for you.

Open up your heart and let her words sink into your soul.


This is Wild Woman.

She is a medicine woman, full of laughter and mystery and a wide open heart with sacred boundaries that she fiercely protects.

She wears beautiful, comfortable clothing that allows her to move with ease and grace.

She is full of laughter and light, and she carries an energy of sacred abundance and receptivity with her wherever she goes: she has a strong, solid energetic container for receiving abundance, and allows money to be sacred to her. It is sacred nourishment to her, and she is grateful for all abundance received, and expresses this gratitude in spontaneity and ritual.

She embodies the balance between ease and structure, function and flow. She is beautiful from the inside out, magnetic, radiant, and masterful at relationship and connection.

She also takes care of her need to be alone and in communion with the divine through nature, the lunar cycles, and plants.

She is reverent in the presence of the cycles of nature and brings this reverence into her everyday life. She is a healer, a leader, a confidante, and a mother. She is a friend and a passionate lover.

She is enchanting and knows her own enchantment, but does not let her ego get involved – she simply recognizes that she, like all women, possesses an inner radiance that she can tap into at any time.

She is a walking bolt of laughter and music, and brings her healing medicine wherever she goes.

She is a bit of a rogue, a rebel, an innovator, a catalyst. She doesn’t worry about conforming to social norms; she doesn’t disrespect them just for the sake of disrespecting them but simply follows the beat of her own drummer.

She is fully alive and feels everything. She is full of scars, but knows that the scars are the places where the light gets in. Her scars are the places that are filled with gold.

She has fully claimed her own beauty and does not ask for anyone else’s permission to shine. She is not afraid to look herself in the eyes.


Wasn’t this beautiful? Now if you want, take out your journal and free write on what Wild Woman means to you. Don’t judge what comes out, the point is to explore, not to write an academic paper.

And if you want to, feel free to share your creation with me here.


Author: Iris

Iris' coaching helps women simplify their daily lives so feel focused and at ease. Her work is inspired by minimalism, habit work, and the psychological knowledge she gained during her BA in Psychology. Her laser-sharp listening skills coupled with her warmth make sure you feel seen as you decipher overwhelm and turn it into clarity. Clients report her sessions leave them feeling inspired, appreciated and "realistically invincible".

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