Be productive without beating yourself up – and have enough time to enjoy your life (and start reading fiction books again).

You deserve to have a clear mind and enough time to spend on what really matters in life: Your business, your family and actual proper me time.

Knowing that you did enough when your head hits the pillow at night isn’t a pipe dream. Your days can be more focused and relaxed – with less time spent doing busywork or binging on Netflix.

“The work I have done with you has been the most thorough, successful, and lasting self-work that I have ever done. Our time was productive and I saw incredible results.”

– Amy, owner of Stonybrook Design

Hey there, I’m Iris. I’m an almost-done-with-my-degree psychologist and have been coaching since before Netflix was a thing.

I help small business owners (and working moms and professors) get their work done with more ease.

Why would I need productivity coaching?

Because spending your time well when you get to structure your days yourself is not easy. You could play solitaire or unsubscribe from all newsletters and hey, do some laundry – wait, where did today go?

That’s where I can help.

In my coaching we work on realistic time planning, learn effective procrastination remedies and develop productivity habits that make working on the right things easier.

Which means that you get to taste the sweet relief of knowing that you’re making real progress towards your goals.

Maybe you’ll even end up working less. Which is awesome because it means time for walks around the lake and eating pizza with your spouse. Or your kid/cat/grandmother.