It doesn't have to be this hard

Psychologist for ambitious & burned-out high achievers

In my online practice, I support impact-driven professionals and entrepreneurs to develop a calm productivity system, so they can get out of burn out and reach their potential with ease.

Life and productivity shouldn't feel this hard.

I offer evidence-based strategies to help clients overcome procrastination and overwhelm and make the most of their workday.

Together, we design and test a system of habits so they need less willpower and achieve their goals consistently.

Do you constantly feel behind? Are you exhausted juggling it all?

There is nothing wrong with you. We just need to understand you better, so we understand why some things are difficult (and why you’re doing a few things that look like self-dabotage).

And just like that we can change things. 

Productivity shouldn’t be this hard. Our brains can do better, if we create the right cirumstances where we can work in peace.

"​I’ve worked with Iris on my personal productivity systems, line management, and being an emphatic leader. I’m really pleased with the results. I would recommend Iris without question.”​

Productivity = Psychology

Work doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  You can get things done without the guilt and daily struggle.
I help my clients develop a time management system that works in the long run. Whether you procrastinate lots and struggle to sit down to work, or you get a lot done already and want to optimize your day to focus on your most meaningful work.
Productivity is not about being able to cross things off your to-do list. It’s a crucial skill so you can build a meaningful life for yourself.
If you know you could use your time better and have a bigger impact on your life and others, then developing a true productivity system is the next step for you.

If you are...

  • A frazzled entrepreneur or leader who wants to have more time for focused deep work
  • An established professional who struggles with procrastination behind the scenes, worried that you won’t be able to get away with last-minute deadline sprints
  • A multipotentialite with plenty of passion projects and personal goals, craving a simple time-management system to manage them all (without making you feel restricted)
  • An ADHDer (or ADHD-curious) who can never stick to any routine you set for yourself


…then we may be a good fit. Please have a look at my productivity coaching program.

Get out of overwhelm now

Coaching with Iris was like being able to have a conversation with that tiny voice at the back of your mind, that is normally drowned out by doubts and other people’s opinions.”​

– Rebecca Denton

I am often booked out 1-3 months in advance - but you can reach out now.