You don’t have to work harder or be incredibly disciplined to get ahead. There’s a gentler way to build a good life for yourself.

When you have simplified your life…
  • You wake up excited and inspired in the mornings, rather than with dread and anxiety
  • Your days are sweet and simple. You easily prioritize and put aside non-priority things for another time (with confidence!)
  • Life isn’t so busy anymore. You have time for a cup of tea and a good book on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • When you come up with an exciting idea you can trust yourself to make it happen
  • You’re feeling more at ease and your people notice

“The work I have done with you has been the most thorough, successful, and lasting self-work that I have ever done. Our time was productive and I saw incredible results.”

– Amy, owner of Stonybrook Design

699 €

– 2 spots available –

Past clients report:

These are side effects past clients have experienced.

  • Less stuff in your junk drawer. You might start feeling curious about this thing called ‘minimalism’
  • Signing up for a new fancy gym and actually going twice a week for the whole year
  • Finally starting up that writing habit
  • Becoming a woodworker after you ditch worrying about getting it right and just start doing
  • Cutting mindless spending by implementing a few simple habits

“This didn’t feel like work. I liked the simplicity and ease of it all, that while I was committed, it was possible to achieve in tiny pieces.”

– Krystal, creator of shabby chic furniture

699 €

– 2 spots available –

Your coaching program includes

  • 12 sixty-minute one-on-one coaching calls held over skype
  • 12 post session write-ups with your individualized homework practice
  • Email support between sessions
  • Call recordings

What happens after you click “book now”

  • You fill in your details and choose to pay in full or with a payment plan
  • You receive an email with your invoice
  • After you pay you receive our coaching agreement and book your first call
  • You get your intake questionnaire – brew yourself a cup of tea!
  • You fill out A Happiness Survey and A Goal Survey that we’ll use to track your changes during the coaching program
  • We get on skype for our first session!

699 €

– 2 spots available –

This work is for creative women who

  • Have a habit of working a little too much
  • Find it hard to focus, because there are so many things calling for their attention
  • Want to simplify their life because they have a hunch that life doesn’t have to feel so… full
  • Want to have someone by their side to truly make sustainable changes to their lives
  • Understand that it’s not just about the clutter, but also about your mindset and beliefs

This work is not for you if

  • You are so overwhelmed and exhausted that you’ve crossed the line into depression
  • You still believe hard work is a badge of honor and pride yourself on having a crazy to-do list
  • You think minimalism means depriving yourself; it’s not for you since you “like having stuff”
  • You want to give this simplifying thing a shot, but don’t want to commit for six months – Making Space is a better fit for you
  • You just want to do some hands-on decluttering. The 30 Day Decluttering Challenge was made for you

About Iris

IrisIris helps women simplify their daily lives so they feel focused and at ease. Her work is inspired by minimalism, habit work, and the psychological knowledge she got from her B.Sc. in Psychology. Her laser-sharp listening skills coupled with her warmth make sure you feel seen. She’s excellent at taking your overwhelm and turning it into clarity. Clients report her sessions leave them feeling inspired, appreciated and “realistically invincible”.

“Because of our work together I have spent so much more time in my woodworking space. Before, I was stuck and paralyzed by overwhelm.”

– Paula, math teacher turned woodworker

699 €

– 2 spots available –


Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, you can pay monthly or in one installment upfront.

Isn’t it weird that you’re in Germany? What about time zones?
In the words of a past client: “I have to say, finding out you were on another continent to me is incredible. I was worried initially about the skyping but after the first call, I was amazed the distance between us physically made no difference whatsoever in our relationship.”

I’m exhausted. Will this feel like one more thing on my to-do list?
No, absolutely not! This is a gentle, practical experience and you’ll leave our sessions feeling inspired and uplifted. A past client says:”I liked the simplicity and ease of it all, that while I was committed, it was possible to achieve in tiny pieces. I didn’t feel like a failure.”

What time do you usually schedule calls?
I typically schedule calls Tuesday to Thursday from 6 am – 1 pm EST. Sometimes I’ll take calls on Mondays and Fridays, too. I can’t offer later call times, because: Germany. Call times start at 6 am because some clients like to do their calls before they go into work.

I’m too busy to do intense one-on-one work.
Here’s what a client said: “My favorite part of working with you was that the homework was never overwhelming, it hit the spot and I saw incredible results.” Another client literally wore 17 hats in her business – we counted them. After three months she had weeded out most of them. She felt relaxed and good about how she spent her time.


“I trust my intuition more. Instead of asking permission, I’m thinking about what feels good, feels right.”
– Krystal, creator of shabby chic furniture

699 €

– 2 spots available –


When you book before September 21st you will get an extra coaching session
to create a simple plan for maintaining change after our time together.