I’m Iris Barzen, a psychological coach that offers productivity coaching for C-level professionals and entrepreneurs in the non-profit and tech sector. I use my psychology background to develop bespoke productivity systems that allow my clients to be highly productive, without relying on willpower. 

My primary mission is to make getting things done easy and enjoyable for you, so you can have the impact + life you know you are capable of. 

How do you avoid procrastination and burnout and make time for your most important work? I’d love to show you. Since 2013, I have helped entrepreneurs and senior professionals figure out how they can perform at their best without sacrificing their wellbeing or family time. 

What sets me apart is my commitment to offering psychologically sound, evidence-based coaching to create sustainable behavior change for my clients. 

Ready to invest in a custom productivity system that grows with you?

“Iris listens and invests in your success. Her tangible suggestions continue to help me to create a life I want to live. Without her, I would not have completed my PhD.” – N.S., assistant professor + department chair

Is this you?

Maybe you find yourself in one of these…

  • You have read countless time-management books, and the gurus and their theory make sense – but when you go to apply them in your life, it’s never as easy as they make it out to be. You’ve tried being more committed, created elaborate plans, and vowed that this time, things would be different. But they never are and you feel disillusioned. 
  • Maybe you are a procrastinator. Sometimes, you procrastinate all day and browse your phone for hours. If you don’t have an outside deadline, it’s hard to get moving with your projects. You worry: Am I lazy? Why do I self-sabotage? Am I the only grown-up who feels this stuck? 
  • Maybe you already perform at a high level. You exercise, you have a morning routine, your team knows you get things done. But it can be exhausting, and you wish you had more structure and time for deep work. 
  • You have big goals and many projects, you’re an excellent starter and love the spark of a new idea. But.. you’re not a finisher. You wish you could trust yourself to see projects through from start to finish – consistently finishing projects would change, well, everything. 

My clients are high potentials and high performers who do well on the outside. But they know they could have a bigger impact if they really knew how to optimize their routines and habits for deep work and focus. They want to get their priorities done without burning themselves out or falling prey to perfectionism and procrastination. 

I want to help such driven professionals figure out how they can be productive in the long run, without sacrificing their wellbeing. If you are a CEO, CTO, COO, entrepreneur, creative, or team leader who craves simple habits to increase your output and lower your stress levels, we may be a good fit. Have a look at my coaching program Your Custom Productivity System or contact me for à la carte coaching to help you navigate a career transition.

What is it like to coach with Iris?

My coaching style is empathetic and strategic. Read: If you tell me that you didn’t get anything done yesterday, I won’t judge you or tell you to “remember your WHY” and “just be more committed”. Instead, we’ll take a strategic approach, finding your procrastination triggers and developing counter habits to increase your productivity day by day. 

Iris’ favorite questionably-cheesy-quote:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”* – H. Thurman

*Notice how he didn’t say “the world needs lots of ambitious people with burn out.

“The work I have done with you has been the most thorough, successful, and lasting self-work that I have ever done. Our time was productive and I saw incredible results.” – Amy Mason, illustrator