Last week I had an exciting thought: I wanted to write every day this week and post about it on Instagram, to celebrate my new Creative Habits program -and get my feet wet writing again. The intention was set and I couldn’t wait for the new week to begin.

Today is Monday and I had things to do.

I miraculously didn’t remember my writing intention until the afternoon. Thinking about my schedule I considered postponing the challenge to Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

Just not today.

Then I caught myself and remembered that this is what always happens when I start a new habit: I don’t feel ready. I feel that I can’t really start until I create the right conditions for a smooth start (which usually translates as: not today).

I also remembered that when I started my habit of exercising for 10 minutes every day two months ago, I didn’t feel ready either.

I was doubtful if I would make it since I had never really sticked to an exercise regimen before. I also thought it might be a good idea figure out a post-workout smoothie to make sure my muscle growth would always be supported optimally – keep in mind I hadn’t even started. 

It’s not that wanting to drink a post-workout smoothie is bad, it’s just that it adds another hurdle onto a challenge that is already, well, going to be challenging. Perfectionism really isn’t helpful when you’re trying to start something new, it can squash the life out of your best intentions.

So this is why I’m here right now, writing. I’m trying to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, that all that matters is for me to start.

I’m planning to post about my week-long writing journey on Instagram, so if you want to follow along, please come right over.

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