Checklist: How to hire the best productivity coach for you

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Many productivity coaches make big promises about helping you “unleash your potential”. “Work with me”, they say, “you will eliminate procrastination forever and achieve your goals 10x faster”. But you have read All. The. Time Management Books. You are not new to the productivity game. So how can you know that working with a coach […]

What does a productivity coach do? Should you hire one?

What is a productivity coach? Can they make me more productive?

Productivity coaching is for a) procrastinators and b) high achievers or c) people who manage to be both. Let’s have a look at what a productivity coach does and how they might be able to help you get the right things done with more ease. What does a productivity coach do in general? Simply put: […]

How to make habits stick for good

How to make habits stick for good

Habits are the key to automating your goals. When I set goals with coaching clients, we turn each of them into 1–3 tiny habits. Habits are the HOW that will get us to the end result the client wants. The beauty of habits is that once they’re established, they require little effort and willpower on […]

“I Don’t Love You Anymore” Is Not a Reason to Break Up

Is it time to break up with your partner?

Falling out of love is one of the most accepted reasons for a break-up. It shouldn’t be. You can fall out of love with someone, but you can also fall in love with them over and over again. Because loving someone is a choice. That’s what people mean when they say “relationships are hard work”. […]

How to stop procrastinating and make work feel less scary

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I’m in the more stressful phase of writing my BA thesis. So procrastination and I are in an intimate relationship right now. The hardest thing to do when you’re procrastinating is sitting down and getting started. And we have valid reasons for delaying work: Did you know that when you think about the thing you’re […]

Hey, what are your strengths?

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Yesterday was a bad day. Not terrible, just one of those days when you feel off. I stared at my Bachelor’s thesis and couldn’t make sense of the statistics part. So of course, by the end of the day, I had discovered a new series on Amazon Prime (McMafia, terrible name, but two episodes in […]

Consistently coming back to your goals is better than perfectionism

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You don’t have to be perfect every day. It’s the consistently coming back to your work that matters. When we commit to a goal, we want to go all in. We swear that we’ll run every night after dinner. We buy a new planner and decide to put in two hours of uninterrupted writing after […]

How I Switched To Organic Cosmetics And Stuck With It For Six Years

There are five big lifestyle changes I’ve made in the last six years: Switching to organic cosmetics, becoming a minimalist, reducing my plastic waste, cooking vegan meals 80% of the time and buying my clothes second-hand. Those lifestyle changes didn’t feel limiting or took 239 kg of willpower, and yet when I look at them […]

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

I found a quote today that really resonated with me. It’s from Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly”. I’ll just let the quote speak for itself: “I remind myself, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” (Cribbed from Voltaire.) A twenty-minute walk that I do is better than the four-mile run that I don’t […]

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