On the importance of carrot cake

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My friend and I were sitting in the sun, munching on our salads. We hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was time for a big update. Between laughter and paprika bites I shared what life was like for me at the moment. I talked about my business going well and how cool […]

The Broom Cabinet Of Your Subconscious

Blog Post: The Broom Cabinet Of Your Subconscious

I had been feeling stuck for months and I had done what I could to figure things out. But still, I was stuck. I knew that somehow getting out of this stuck place was an internal job, although it looked like I just had to figure out the right actions to take to make it […]

When things don’t go as planned

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Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. Think: You want to have a baby so badly just to realize that you can’t have one because of infertility issues. Or how about: You want to settle down with the love of your life when your boyfriend leaves you. Those scenarios officially suck. If you […]

“I’m fine, really.” Stop bullshitting yourself, please.

When I asked my friend how she was, her answer was a bit shaky: “I’m good, yeah. It’s just kinda hard having moved back in with my parents ’til I figure things out with my business, you know. But, it’s fine and I was so happy when I came back here, so… It’s all good. […]

You’re allowed to be unhappy and feel crappy

When we are unhappy, we are often in denial about it. Because we should be happy with the life we’re living right now. We have people who love us, a place to lay our head at night and maybe even some money to invest in things we love. Or at least in a few cocktails […]

Failing at this happiness thing? Totally normal.

As we create lives of happiness and meaning for ourselves, it’s easy to think that failure is not an option. We don’t realize it’s part of the practice, and that falling down is just as much a sign of growth as is getting up again.  When we set out to make a change, whether that […]

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