I want spacious & full.

I want spacious & full | blog post

I want to live a creative life, one where I follow my inspiration and fill my days with things that matter to me. I want to spend my time intentionally and not waste it numbing out with TV and snacks because I’m exhausted by the pressure I put on myself. I want to knit, cook, dance, […]

The cycles of productivity

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There’s this belief going round that productivity is something you have to hack yourself into, and once you get it right, you’ll be able to get shit done forever more. It’s just a matter of being disciplined, working hard and finding the right productivity system. Right? Wrong. Why? Because you’re human and us humans, we […]

Cut out the noise: 8 Ways To Declutter Social Media

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If I want to live a simple life on my own terms I have to get my nose out of everybody else’s business on the internet. It’s easy to disengage from my own life when I read about other people’s lives and businesses too much. It makes me worry about things I really don’t need […]

Simplify Your Days

When we have a big dream it’s easy to lose track of the initial desire as we dive headfirst into the action phase. We think we need to speed up and add more to-dos to our days. Our days can become really crowded. This is when simplifying your days and thinking about your ideal day can […]

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