Success Hiccups

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I used to have a real vision plan. I even mapped out what I wanted to achieve in year one, year two up to year five in order to “reach my vision” – which, by the way, involved living by the beach in another country and lots of other things I likely put on that list because I […]

Baby steps are good for your business (& your sanity)

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Starting a business – or running a business – can be a daunting task. It can seem like the whole project is just too big, and like there are too many things that you just don’t know how to do. It’s easy to be struck by overwhelm and freeze into procrastination. Or to become incredibly […]

Four questions to define success for yourself

1. What do you want to have time for on an average Thursday? Do you want to sleep in and brunch with your partner every Wednesday? Do you want to work 8 hours a day or are 3 plenty? What would feel really good to do? These things are of crucial importance because they help […]

The night I was finally able to pay rent from my business

I was sitting at my laptop thinking “Is this it? Is this what I’ve been working towards for so long?” I had just signed another coaching client, and it happened with such ease that I almost wasn’t sure if this was for real. But when I checked again, the contract was still signed, the money […]

Who said you should?

I was able to stop shoulding all over myself a few weeks back. I feel good on a daily basis again. I’m excited and eager to get up when I wake up in the morning (my personal measurement of happiness). And guess what: Feeling good helps me show up as the high version of myself […]

Why you can’t be Marie Forleo just yet

Don’t be realistic when it comes to the size of your dream. But be realistic about how long it’s gonna take.   You’ve found someone who has done what you wanna do, who’s living your dream. You stand in awe as to what they have created, feeling inspired and empowered as you see proof that […]

Success Secrets. What do they know that I don’t?

I used to believe that something was wrong with me because my dreams felt so big they scared me shitless.  I thought I needed to overcome the fear in order to reach my dreams like the successful peeps.  I used to think that they had something figured out that I didn’t, that they knew a […]

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