5 Feminist Songs That Make Me Feel Proud & Strong

feminist songs

With Trump and other disappointments, we could all use some good pick-me-up feminist songs. Serious issues require small balms to help us feel strong and like the world isn’t just deteriorating, there are powerful women and men out there making a difference. Here are the lyrics of five feminist songs that make me feel like […]

oh oh, feminism

feminist songs

source When Fifth Harmony sings “I don’t need no explanation, ’cause baby you’re the boss at home” and I sing along to it I have to forget what I’m saying. Wiz Kalifa’s “You & Your Friends” is a great song to dance to, but when he says “I got all this drank poured up […] […]

“I love my child, but I don’t like being a mom.”

I love my child but I don't like being a mom

Three of my clients are mothers. They don’t want to only be moms, they still want their sense of identity. They want to have a career and their own life. And who can blame them? Can you imagine asking a man to give up his entire career to stay home, keep the house clean and […]

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