You don't need more willpower

Calm workdays with plenty of focus time.

Be productive without beating yourself up. Have time for deep work and get your priorities done – and no, you don't need to become more disciplined first.

If you feel equal parts like an achiever and a procrastinator, you’re not alone.

You are doing well…
  • You are successful in your career. You chose what you wanted to do, and you persevered until you got to where you are today.
  • You care about building a career with lasting impact.
  • You know you’re smart and things come easily for you. In fact, you get things done faster and better than many of the people around you (but you don’t say that out loud because it sounds arrogant).
But at the same time:
  • You worry that you are not living up to your potential. Yes, you worked hard to get here – but you worry that you have never performed at 100% (you never had to, you got good results anyway).
  • Sometimes, work just feels hard. You stare at your screen and don’t understand why you can’t get yourself to work (especially when many of your projects are meaningful to you).
  • You are always trying to optimize yourself and your time management. But the habits you try never stick for long, and you’re starting to wonder if change is possible.
    Sometimes you get stuck and procrastinate all day, getting lost on the internet and berating yourself for it. 
  • You worry that you’re lazy – you have got so much potential, why do you struggle so much to put in the work to realize it?

If this is you, let me assure you that you are not alone. You are not lazy, it's not your personality.

Listen, I know how frustrating it is to gather all your hope try to commit to a new time-management system only to find nothing ever sticks.

You’re fed up with gurus preaching their best-selling strategies – you don’t need more theory, you need to find a time-management system you actually use and like.

And that’s what no one ever teaches you.


1:1 coaching program

Your Sustainable Productivity System

An in-depth coaching experience for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build lasting habits to optimize their performance automate progress on their goals.

3.500 €

The work I have done with Iris has been the most thorough, successful, and lasting self-work that I have ever done. Our time was productive and I saw incredible results.”

– Amy Mason, self-employed illustrator

Is this program right for you?

We need to understand our own psychology and work with ourselves to build good habits.

As a psychologist, I help my clients understand their brains better, teach them how to build habits that stick, and solve productivity for good.

Because you don’t need more productivity tips. You need a system of habits to help you prioritize, focus, and get your work done every day. In other words: You need to a) choose the right productive habits for you and b) figure out how on earth you can actually start doing them regularly.

That’s where I come in.

What’s missing in time management today is the understanding that we don’t need prescriptive strategies.

We need to understand our own psychology and work with ourselves to build good habits.

Willpower, discipline, and rigid rules don’t work and they just make you feel awful. You can build procrastinate less, do more deep work, and feel less burnt out. I’m here to partner with you and help with that.

What we will work on together

Imagine hiring a psychologist for your productivity – a strategic brain + encouraging cheerleader to help you find and implement the exact right habits for you.

With me as your personal psychologist, you will:

  • Find the habits that let you make progress on your goals every day without feeling stressed.
  • Implement productive habits and make them stick – don’t worry about falling off the wagon anymore.
  • Develop a bespoke system of productive habits that you can use for years to come.
  • Learn the mindset to avoid procrastination and perfectionism, and consistently perform (without risking burn out)
  • Make the most of your time without feeling restricted by rigid time management rules. We will focus on making space for quality time with your family (and some me-time), too.
  • Build a custom task management system you actually use so you know exactly what to do each day.
  • Learn the science behind productivity. You will learn psychological theories on high performance, habits, and wellbeing and how they apply to your unique situation.

To sum it up: You will have a compassionate expert by your side as you solve productivity for good.

What is included in the program?

  • 6-month of personalized 1-on-1 coaching support

    • 14 coaching sessions total over six months

    • Includes a 90-minute foundation session to analyze your neurotype + productivity style

    • A 4-week intensive with weekly coaching sessions to build momentum

  • Accountability & Support: Have me in your back pocket via a private client portal. DM me for any habit troubleshooting and impromptu advice you might need. 

  • In-depth psychological assessment: A set of research-backed questionnaires to understand your unique psychological make-up to give us another lens to understand what you need to make sustainable behavior changes

  • Exercises and materials I have fine-tuned over years of client work and through my master’s thesis on effective goal setting. Think: Pragmatic information about psychology and how to apply it to your goals for better results

  • Extra Curricular resources: Tailored book, article, or podcast recommendations to deepen your learning alongside coaching

Together we will co-create the right productivity system for you and take all the guesswork out of performing at your best.

When you work with me, I become dedicated to your success. My clients describe me as strategic, genuine, and encouraging.

And, by the way, I’m not the type of coach who will yell at you to “be more committed” and throw one-size-fits-all best practices at you. I want you to be productive without sacrificing your wellbeing or working late nights.

3.500 €
3.500 €

Your Coaching Results

Imagine hiring a psychologist for your productivity - a strategic brain + encouraging cheerleader to move your goals forward.

These are just some of the results my clients get:

  • “I get two hours of work done on my side business each morning. The momentum is huge, and my co-founders notice I always deliver on what I say I’m going to get done.”

  • “My team over performed on our organizational goals. I have delivered pretty much everything that I could have done. I feel content about my year professionally which is a new feeling.”

  • “A huge result is that I never get stuck like I did before. Even if I am not 100% productive for a day, I’m still getting things done. I don’t fall into a hole of guilt and despair anymore.”

  • “I finally have a project management system that acts as my second brain. I can rely on it and use it daily.”

  • “I now plan realistically and don’t underestimate how long a task will take anymore. When I plan my day, I’m not creating a pipe dream.”

  • “I have developed a morning routine that helps me focus on my most important tasks. I don’t feel distracted by Slack and emails anymore.”

  • “Even though I have ADHD, I have found a way to focus on deep work tasks in a playful way.”

  • “I worked on my INSEAD MBA application after work hours. I was able to consistently put in the effort, and I got accepted into the program.”

Are you ready to overhaul your habits and finally learn how to optimize your time? Then I invite you to apply for coaching with me.

“I’ve figured out more about myself from a few sessions with Iris than I did in half a year of private counseling sessions. The stuff we figure out together translates into real change.” 

– Joanna M., agency owner

I’m the psychologist for you if…

You have done some impressive things in your career, but you worry that your performance doesn’t match up with it. It feels like you’re getting away with low productivity because when the deadline approaches, you can quickly whip up a presentable result (your 60% effort is other people’s 100%) – but you feel guilty and burnt out and wish you could just start sooner.

You worry that people might “find you out” and wonder how other people manage to work 8-hour days when you sometimes struggle to put in 2 fragmented hours (especially working from home).

You know you are not stupid. In fact, your friends think you’re pretty brilliant. But somehow, you just can’t crack the code to consistent productivity. You care about personal development, you’re always learning and you’ve read a lot about time management.

You wish someone would finally show you how to implement good productivity habits and make them stick, so you can get on with your goals, build momentum, and finally feel at ease.

Your Custom Productivity System is an in-depth 3-month 1-on-1 coaching program to help you find YOUR best way to work and perform at your best so you can be productive in the long-run.

“I’m back to being excited when I wake up instead of wanting to curl up in a ball and avoid things.”

– Amy Mason, self-employed illustrator

About Iris

I am a coaching psychologist that develops bespoke productivity systems for ambitious entrepreneurs and high-performing professionals. 

Coaching is more goal-oriented and practical than traditional therapy. I use coaching as a tool in my practice, and have more than 1200 coaching hours and 11 years of experience under my belt.

My work is evidence-based and pragmatic: I don’t throw self-help suggestions your way. I’ve studied research on goal-setting, productivity, procrastination – anything that helps us follow through on our goals in the busy day-to-day of our lives.

I combine my training as a psychologist with carefully developed strategies that emerged from my client work.

I’m not a fluffy untrained coach who will minimize your complex situation with “think positive thoughts” platitudes.

What is it like to work with Iris?

My coaching style is empathetic and strategic. Read: If you confess that you procrastinate regularly, I won’t judge you or tell you to “remember your WHY” and “just be more committed”. Instead, we’ll take a strategic approach, finding your procrastination triggers and developing counter habits to increase your productivity day by day.

My coaching is not…

  • Spiritual or esoteric
  • A tough boot camp
  • Guru-like, or tied to one time-management system
  • Fluffy self-help advice
3.500 €

“Iris was knowledgeable and thoughtful. I strongly recommend her.” 

– Rafael Sarandeses, executive coach


Who do you work with?

I have worked with CEOs, CTOs, COOs, founders, digital agency owners, software engineers, data scientists, researchers, executive coaches, freelancers (writers, illustrators), and entrepreneurs. My clients often work in the non-profit or tech sector. They live all over the world, from Dubai to Switzerland to Canada.

I’m not a procrastinator, I’m a high performer. Can you help me perform even better?

Yes. Some of my clients really struggle with procrastination, but about 30% of my clients are high performers who have already built a solid morning routine, have a project management system, and are getting a lot done. They want to find habits to make even better use of their time and block time on their schedules for deep work. These clients tell me they value the strategies we develop and the accountability of regular meetings.

I have procrastinated all my life – why should this solve my problems?

I hear you. I know how frustrating it is to gather up your hope, again and again, to commit to a new time-management book, course, or guru – Only to find nothing ever sticks. You don’t need more theory, you need to understand the psychology behind your procrastination.

We don’t procrastinate because we’re lazy. We procrastinate because a task is scary, vague and overwhelming, dull, or incredibly meaningful to us. You can’t trick your brain into ignoring these factors.

So when I coach someone like you, we find the right habits to make tasks very specific and “winnable”, we learn how to regulate distractions, and how to take fear/emotions out of the equation.

Working with me won’t feel like the work you have done so far. It will be a strategic and encouraging experience without guilt or judgment. All I need from you is the willingness to stay open and to try small changes now to see big results 3 months from now.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, at no extra charge. You can choose a payment plan of 6 payments: A downpayment of 750€ followed by 5x monthly payments of 550€.

Here is a currency converter if you need it.

How far in advance should I book?

I am currently taking on new clients, but am often booked out 2-3 months in advance.

What happens after I click the Discovery Session Button?

You fill out a quick intake form to help me understand your coaching goals and unique productivity struggles.

Then you’re given a link to schedule a 60-min consultation where we dive deep into your goals and make sure we are a perfect match.

How does payment work?

You can pay in full upfront or in monthly payments at no extra charge. Payments can be made via Stripe (credit card) or bank transfer if you are in the EU and have an IBAN.

How long does the coaching process take?

In six months, we will find key habits to support your productivity. If you are a procrastinator, you will have proven strategies that help you get started with work and not get distracted. For many, our workmorphs from regular sessions during an intensive change process into a long-term partnership.

What if I have a coaching topic that’s not mentioned on your website?

I specialize in productivity and neurodiversity (ADHD, autism, AuDHD). Being a psychologist, my work can touch on deep issues sometimes. Other topics I hav worked on with clients are narcissistic abuse, CPTSD, late-in-life discovery of your queerness.

If you are unsure if your coaching topic fits the description, please contact me here and I’ll let you know if we can discuss it further.

Are you ready to build lasting habits and solve productivity for good?

Then apply now. I'd be happy to have you.

I am often booked out 1-3 months in advance - but you can reach out now.