You don’t have to read another time management book or scribble down a weekly schedule that crumbles by Tuesday.

You deserve to have a clear mind and enough time to spend on what really matters in life: Your work, your family and actual proper free time.

“I’m back to being excited when I wake up instead of wanting to curl up in a ball and avoid things.” – Amy Mason, owner of Stonybrook Design


What it takes to change your productivity for good

Together, we will explore your procrastination and perfectionism triggers and develop and test a custom set of productive habits you can rely on.

We will find out what you need to set daily priorities, protect your focus time, and get your Most Important Tasks done each day, 

Along the way, you will develop a custom project management system that you actually use.

What we’ll do together

  • Find a realistic project management system for you
    • A second-brain task management system you actually use daily 
    • Get better at estimating how long tasks will really take
  • Find + test custom sustainable productivity habits 
  • Find + test anti-procrastination habits
    • Learn how to get started again when you’re procrastinating
    • How to come back to your work vs get lost in other tasks during a break 
    • How to deal with bad moods that throw you off (take your mental health into account)
  • Avoid overwhelm: Let go of perfectionism and learn how to build momentum
  • Get your priorities done consistently
    • Protect your daily focus time
    • Learn ow to fit your priorities into your busy days


My coaching is evidence-based: I don’t throw self-help suggestions your way.

I’ve studied research on goal-setting, productivity, procrastination – anything that helps us follow through on our goals in the busy day to day of our lives. I combine my academic training in psychology with carefully developed strategies that emerged from my clientwork. 

My coaching is built on my academic training in psychology.

I’m not a fluffy untrained coach – I’ve got seven years of coaching experience, two coaching certificates and 9/10 of a master’s degree in psychology under my belt. I care about your results. 


“Coaching with Iris was like being able to have a conversation with that tiny voice at the back of your mind, that is normally drowned out by doubts and other people’s opinions.” – Rebecca Denton

Why should I invest in a custom productivity system? 

Because our goals require us to be intentional. By taking our psychology into account, we can avoid common obstacles and help you set up systems to automate goal progress as much as possible. You can ditch willpower and learn to approach your projects with more ease. 

What’s included in our coaching? 

Timeline: 3-12 months

  • Weekly or biweekly coaching sessions
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins
  • Recommended Reading + resources to unterfütter your change
  • 2 Refresher Sessions (3 and 6 months after our coaching)

Investment: 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching work starts at 750€. 


“Iris was knowledgeable, thoughtful, suggested great reading materials and insightful tips that allowed me to start acting upon my goal with little effort. She was very patient but also kept me on my toes with timely nudges. I strongly recommend her.” – Rafael Sarandeses, executive coach


How far in advance should I book? 

I am usually booked out 2-3 months in advance, so booking your session now will help you start soon. 

How does payment work? 

After we’ve done our complimentary productivity analysis call, I require a 50% deposit before the next coaching session. Depending on the length of your package, the remaining balance is usually due 30 days later or split into two more payments. 

How long does the coaching process take? 

My clients work with me for about 6-18 months. For many, our coaching morphs from regular sessions during an intensive change process into a long-term mentorship with occasional check-ins throughout the year. 

What if I have a coaching topic that’s not mentioned on your website?

I specialize in productivity and career coaching. I also offer writing habit intensives for writers and researchers looking to publish regularly.

If you are unsure if your coaching topic fits the description, please contact me here and I’ll let you know if it’s a fit for me.