Cozy Sunday Reading

What’s better than cozying up on a lazy Sunday morning with a tea and a blanket to get some reading on? Mmmmh :)

Here are a few pieces that have touched my heart and stirred my thoughts lately.

Lucky Dip: Whispers From My Journal

Tara is a soulful go-getter kind of woman – and in this beautiful article, she gives us a vulnerable peak inside her journal as she makes sense of late night self-doubt.

i’m stuck + scared to take the steps towards my dreams

A beautiful little piece where Vienda answers a readers question who’s scared to go after her dreams – and gets a beautiful response back months later. Heartwarming and full of wisdom.

A Letter To Myself After 5 Years of Self-Employment

Raw, honest truth, beautifully written: “You will initially supplement your income by nannying … Don’t feel ashamed to not be standing on your own yet. You’ll get there. No use starving in the meantime.”

morning rituals for heart-centered entrepreneurs

I currently don’t have a set morning ritual – but when I do feel like bringing some extra intention and flow to my days, I follow Mara’s lovely morning prompts. They help me weave self-care and focus into my days.

Take Your Soul’s Journey

Do you tell yourself “when I reach _____, then I’ll finally travel / take care of my body / spend more time with my boyfriend”? Nisha Moodley used to do just that – and her thoughts on how she turned that around could be just the permission slip you needed.

I’ll spend my Sunday sipping hot chocolate, reading and maybe going out to see some fireworks with my boyfriend tonight. I’m feeling relaxed just thinking about it. What will you be doing?

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday,


PS: If you’d rather listen to an interview while doing your pleasurable Sunday things, here’s a link to our first ever Wild Woman interview on the blog. It’s a lovely chat about intuition.

Author: Iris

Iris Barzen is a psychologist + productivity coach est. 2013.

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