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A writer writes, a designer sketches, a woodworker works with wood. Creative people show up to their craft every day and do the work.

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But for you, it might feel more complicated.

If you are procrastinating, doubting yourself, comparing your work and feeling disheartened – dear Creative: I want you to know that I get it.

I know how challenging it can be to actually get into your studio (or to your kitchen table) to work on your craft.

Through my work with clients, I also figured out that it’s not all about willpower and discipline – it’s often the inner work that is missing. When that shifts everything starts falling into place.

How would it feel for you if you could just get up every day and know you’ll get to your craft? When it’s not a struggle anymore? Please let me introduce you to: 

The Creative Habits Coaching Program

What life is like afterward:

  • Daily creative habits: Working on your craft will become normal for you
  • You’ll know how to get unstuck when a project gets difficult
  • Fewer self-doubt battles and more ease
  • Selling your first piece of work!


“Because of our work together I have spent so much more time in my woodworking space.  Before, I was “stuck” and paralyzed by overwhelm. You have helped me become a woodworker.” – Paula P.


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I will help you build the creative habits that will allow you to produce your work and confidently say: “I am a… (enter your craft)”.

Even if you feel ALL THE SELF-DOUBT and sometimes worry if anyone will ever want to buy your work.

That’s normal. You’re a human being with thoughts, feelings, fears and doubts and those show up when you try something new.

When you set out to make a big change, it’s not just about the actions you take – there’s something that needs to change inside of you, too.


That’s why we won’t just focus on habit creation – we’ll do the inner work that will help you become the woman who runs her business with confidence.


The woman for whom her creative passion is just a thing she does every day.

The woman who has a strong intuition and knows what to focus her time on to grow her business without compromising her sanity.

So we’ll also focus on developing subtle qualities like:

  • Feeling ease
  • Enjoying your craft
  • Honing your intuition
  • Building self-trust

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“After talking to you I feel like I can take on the world.” – Krystal Z.


Your three months 1:on:1 ease coaching package includes

  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions (held every two weeks over skype) to get clear on what’s holding you back
  • 4 custom tailored practices & sets of reflection questions to support you as you build your awesome new habits
  • Recordings of your coaching sessions so you can reflect more if you want to
  • Email support in between sessions

You can choose to make one payment of $360 or three monthly payments of $130


We’ll work on taking daily baby steps to build up your creative muscles – all the while doing the inner work to help you shift from “I kinda wanna be a woodworker”, to “I’m a woodworker” to “I’m a woodworker and I make money with my craft”.

This is not about willpower, discipline or proving your worth.

Instead, I will meet you with empathy and respect, cheer you on and offer thoughtful solutions when you’re struggling. After our sessions you’ll feel refocused and clear on what needs to be done, ready to take on the world.

How do you know I’m the coach for you?

I am not

  • a crystal waving coach who talks about manifesting what you want from the Universe (although if you’re into that, that’s fine with me!)
  • a fluffy untrained coach who read a bunch of self-help books for qualification

Instead, I am

  • grounded and pragmatic
  • thoughtful and compassionate
  • trained and certified with a solid methodology for human behavioral change, learned at Integral Coaching Canada and during my psychology studies
  • aware of empirical research findings on happiness and change



After you click that button:

  • You fill out a short application
  • I email you to let you know if I think I’m the right coach for you 
  • If so, we schedule a 30 min discovery session 
  • If we’re both happy you pay via PayPal and we begin!



Your dream deserves this. Take the first step and I’ll be here for the next three months, taking the remaining steps with you.