Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

I found a quote today that really resonated with me. It’s from Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly”. I’ll just let the quote speak for itself:

“I remind myself, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” (Cribbed from Voltaire.) A twenty-minute walk that I do is better than the four-mile run that I don’t do. The imperfect book that gets published is better than the perfect book that never leaves my computer. The dinner party of take-out Chinese food is better than the elegant dinner that I never host.”

Maybe you needed to hear that today, too.

And if you’d like to explore this idea further, here are a few articles that think along the same lines.

Be kind to yourself! I’ll do the same.

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Author: Iris

Iris Barzen is a coach for entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals. Her work is based on her degree in psychology + 7 years of coaching experience. She offers evidence-based strategies rather than self-help advice to help her clients get the right things done consistently, so they can build the life they want.