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Let’s be honest: Following your dreams is not all airy-fairy. It’s actually scary as shit.

Remember the mean girls in high school? And the boys that would never pay attention to you? Now imagine being locked into a room with them and then stripping down naked, while you’re wearing the ugly worn out panties that you should have thrown away years ago.

Frightening, huh?

That’s nothing compared to going after your dreams.

So now before you drive to the next cliff and jump off it, bear with me. I’m not a masochist and those other dreamers you admire probably aren’t either.

So why the heck are we doing all of this?

We’re doing it because it’s worth it. Stripping down naked in front of your class mates is actually pretty stupid, and there’s not much to gain from it.

But going after your dreams? It’s well worth the nights you spend sobbing in your boyfriends arms. It’s even worth listening to everybody and their mom’s concerns about your sanity (and then reassuring them it’s all good, even though you have no clue where next month’s rent is gonna come from).

What makes it worth it, you ask?

Simple: The feeling of being utterly, totally alive that comes with doing the thing you actually give a damn about.

Diligently creating a life that you love.

Being able to trust yourself because you’re not going to give up and go back to the traditional path. .

Waking up one day realizing that you’re living your dream. That even though nothing’s perfect, you’ve come so far, and you’re proud of yourself.

That makes it worth all the tears, all the anxiety, and all the red numbers in your bank account.

Because this feeling of being alive? Nobody can take that from you.

And here’s the good news: If you just keep showing up every day, putting one step in front of the other you’ll get there sooner than you might realize.

One day the red numbers will be gone, you’ll finally be “emotionally stable” again and you’ll wake up in the mornings feeling excited to live another day in the life of YOU.

But before that? For the sake of your sanity, it’s vital that you learn how to be okay with the now.

You gotta learn how to take off the pressure to enjoy today with all it’s messiness and joyful moments and imperfections.

And then it’s not so much or success or failure anymore. It’s about being alive and living now. And figuring out the rest as you go along.

If there’s one thing I want to say to all those of you who are worrying if they can make their dream happen, or weeping yourself to sleep at night more often than you’d care to admit.

It’s possible for you too. Just keep going -and take really good care of yourself in the process.

You got this.


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