When was the last time you stopped to acknowledge: This is how far I’ve come?

It’s so easy to always be focused on the horizon, on what’s to come, the things you’d like to improve in your life.

As in I wanna step into my feminine more fully, or: I need to get my financial life together. Which are all beautiful intentions to have and worthy of our time – but have you taken a look at how much better you’ve gotten at these things already?

Re your femininity: Can you see that you’ve started to infuse your meals with love or that you’re whipping out your journal every morning? All things that can help you step into your feminine.

Or how about the fact that although you’re not making enough from your freelance gig to cover rent, wasn’t there a time when you didn’t even know how to get your first client? So much progress.

Celebrate Your Evolution

I coached a beautiful woman this week who found it hard to give herself credit. It seemed to her like there was just so much more to do, so far to go… So we looked at all the ways that she is already doing great in her life.

Danielle Laporte has a great exercise for that which I recommended to her. It’s called “Celebrate Your Evolution”.

It’s simple. Here’s the exercise:

I used to be/do/have _____________________, now I __________________.

As in:

I used to eat frozen pizza all the time, now I cook delicious, nourishing meals for myself.

I used to rush through my days, now I take the time to light some candles and read a book at night.

Can you feel the energy shift already? If you take ten minutes to sit down and do this exercise (also super fun to do with your bestie!), I guarantee you’ll start feeling proud and calm instead of anxious and like you’re always running behind.

Now for the comments, let’s give this a try. Fill in the blank: I used to be/do/have ______________, now I ______________. 

I’ll go first: I used to be shy and a little awkward, now I have a network of friends all over the world.

I used to wish I could speak English fluently, now most people think I’m American.

I could go on and on – this exercise is addictive. :)

I can’t wait to hear your story. 

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