I want to live a creative life, one where I follow my inspiration and fill my days with things that matter to me.

I want to spend my time intentionally and not waste it numbing out with TV and snacks because I’m exhausted by the pressure I put on myself.

I want to knit, cook, dance, write, coach, read, learn and experiment with the things I want to have in my life. Because that makes me feel alive.

I want to declutter, use less plastic, make my own washing powder and go to the farmer’s market to buy fresh flowers.

I want to follow my own rhythm and give up the idea that my life has to be a straight line.

I want circles and time spent travelling in all different directions.

I want space in my calendar, because that’s what creativity needs.

I want pockets of time to fill with whatever I please, so that I can LIVE my life and not just cross off a to-do list.

I want late nights with friends and wine and laughter. I want tears and “me too” moments.

I want to build a life with my boyfriend that has us look at each other with sparks in our eyes and say: “Can you believe that we’re here? Is this really our life?”

I want to support women with their dreams and help them marry ambition and kindness. I want to tell them “You are enough. You are doing so much! Can you see it? Be gentle with yourself.” until they believe it and can tell themselves.

I want to enjoy the little moments, the cup of tea or the summer breeze on a road trip, or the quiet satisfaction of working on what matters.

I want a full life that feels spacious. 

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