Intuition 101 with Natalia Chouklina

When we start listening to our intuition, we sense that it could become our secret weapon to making choices in life, always by our side, whispering about what we really want.

But when we start tuning in to see what we can hear, it’s often crickets in the beginning, or we feel unsure if what we hear actually comes from our intuition and not from our rational mind.

As natural of a thing as listening to your intuition might be, that doesn’t mean it’s super straight forward in the beginning. Here are some of the most common questions I get asked about intuition:

  • I really wanna listen to my intuition, but it’s not talking to me. Help?
  • So I think my intuition tells me to do this in regards to that big decision – but how do I know 100% that this is my intuition speaking? How do I know I’m not making all this stuff up in my brain?
  • How can I lean back and start trusting my intuition?
  • What can I do to cultivate my intuition and get super connected to her?

It’d be really cool if we had a manual for our intuition, no? Well, I thought so too, which is why I invited Natalia Chouklina over to give us the scoop on intuition.

Natalia is an intuitive life coach who helps women own their truth and live it. Intuition is an integral part in her coaching toolkit, which is why I jumped at the chance to connect with her and ask her the basic FAQs on intuition that I collected through listening to you guys + my intuition-curious clients.

So grab yourself a tea as Natalia answers all of the above questions and gives us a rundown of her Intuition 101.

Any questions went unanswered? Is there something you’re still wondering about in terms of listening to your intuition?

Hop into the comments below and ask away. You’ll get your answer. :)

Want more Natalia? You can find her over on her site Achieve The Impossible. Or feel free to get lost in some of my favorite posts from her:

PS: This was my second interview ever, and the first Wild Woman Interview on this site. Here’s to having many more inspiring conversations with courageous women, and to getting better at something I’m a total beginner at. Can I get a hell yeah? :)

Author: Iris

Iris Barzen is a coach for entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals. Her work is based on her degree in psychology + 7 years of coaching experience. She offers evidence-based strategies rather than self-help advice to help her clients get the right things done consistently, so they can build the life they want.

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