When we’re out there working towards our dreams, our intuition can be the secret weapon that makes the difference between feeling lost & confused and knowing that even though we’re scared, we can trust ourselves to know what’s next.

Sometimes though, we can lose touch with our intuition. We’re about to make a big decision, or maybe just trying to plan our meals for the week, but our intuition won’t speak up.



So what can we do when it feels like our intuition has gone MIA on us?

You and your intuition. How to blow it up.

Your intuition actually doesn’t go MIA. It’s always there for you. It’s us who like to go hiding from time to time, and that’s the problem.

Remember that time when you bought that super expensive online course so that someone could just tell you what to do and take the anxiety out of running your business? Yeah. Your intuition was probably jumping in circles, yelling: “You’re enough! Stop searching for solutions outside of yourself and start listening to me, God dammit!”.

Yup. We can be mean like that and ignore her like she’s nothing but an annoying old lady telling you to not have sex before marriage. You get what I mean.

Say you bought the course, you implemented a little, but soon find yourself bored and turning towards new shiny ways of fixing yourself.

At this point, you can just feel that your bank account hates you. And maybe, one night when you go to bed all exhausted from your trying-to-prove-I’m-a-bad ass-action-taker-day, you admit to yourself that you kinda knew this was the wrong decision. You remember that there was this little voice inside your head screaming at you whispering to just stop it and trust yourself.


So obviously, there’s a lot that can go wrong in our relationship with our intuition.

The main reason for that is that it’s super hard to trust ourselves above anyone else.

When I try to do that, thoughts like “Who are you to know what’s best for you? You better trust Awesome Inspiring Person of the interwebs to tell you how to do this!” or “I just don’t know how I feel about this. Really, I don’t have a gut feeling” and my favorite “Lalalalalalalaaaaa how about we just zone out, ermm I mean educate ourselves a little, and read these 54 random blog posts before we meditate today?” (meditation = super weapon for connecting with your intuition).

Self-sabotage at its finest.

We’re not used to turning inward. We’re new to the thought that we might have what it takes to navigate our lives, thank you very much.

When we start to listen to our own inner wisdom, that’s super confronting to all the beliefs we have about ourselves. You know, the keep-you-small ones.

What’s that you’re saying?

“Would you ever so kindly quit complaining about how hard this is and tell me how I can listen to my intuition instead?”

Oh. Okay:

Listening to your intuition. The how-to.

What do we need to do to receive the messages our intuition is trying to send us? Glad you asked.

Here’s what our intuition needs from you:


Connection to yourself, that is.

Because you and your intuition, that’s actually a relationship. This is not just you turning to your intuition like you would to your smartphone to access some information and throw it aside right after. 

When it seems like you’re intuition won’t talk to you, it likely means that you’ve lost touch with her (and to yourself).

So how do you reconnect?

Creating a stillness practice.

(Not as complicated as it sounds)

Stillness is the magic word here.

Most of the time we lose touch with our intuition because we’ve somehow crowded her out with all the other voices out there – think shoulds, a trillion blog posts or just general busyness.

Stillness helps us reconnect to ourselves and quiet all the noise, so we can get in touch with our intuition again.

Through stillness we learn to pay attention what’s going on inside of us vs. distracting ourselves with the stuff the world throws at us.

I like to turn this reconnection time  into a self-care ritual. So every morning, I take some time to start my day grounded.

What do I do? Well, it varies. For a few months I always included a meditation, now not so much anymore. These days there’s usually an element of journaling and setting intentions for the day.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it helps you get still and turn inward. Just do it with the intention of  getting grounded and present to what is.

Other things I’ve tried for listening in are: Yoga, journaling, taking a walk, mindfully eating breakfast, raw dancing, doing the dishes with no radio or inspirational interview in the background… there are a lot of options. It really is a matter of experimenting, and it is for sure going to shift and change as you move along your path.

I notice that on the days where I do take the time for a little stillness practice in my morning ritual, I feel much more grounded and focused as I go through my day. It’s easier to make decisions from a place of “What do I really want here?” instead of “Yeah, that sounds smart, if she says that’s good I’ll do it.”

Over to you…

How can you incorporate a little self-connection time into your day? It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can just be five minutes of something that helps you to slow down and become present with yourself.

Try it.

Your intuition will thank you.


Intuition Compass




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