“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

-Marie Kondo

When you look around your home you know there’s too much stuff. Not that you’ve got more things than the next person, it’s just that things accumulate over time.

And it annoys you that when you hang up a beautiful illustration it can hardly shine over your messy desk.

How come there’s stuff everywhere you look?

The 30 Day Decluttering Challenge is a four-week coaching program where we play the minsgame.


You’ll declutter a little bit every day and get rid of 496 things in a month.

What is the minsgame?

It’s a decluttering challenge where you get rid of one item on day one, two items on day two and so forth until you’ve decluttered about 500 things in thirty days!

It’s about taking baby steps that have a big impact if you give yourself 30 days of focus.

“As I’m minimalizing my things, I am sort of minimalizing my brain. It feels like I’m starting to have an easier time letting go of thoughts and ideas that can wait, prioritizing and not getting distracted as easily.”

– Amy Mason, owner of Stony Brook Design

What would you do with more space?

How about this:

  • Turn a messy area into a cozy reading corner
  • Feel relaxed when you walk into the kitchen rather than distracted by the piles on the counter
  • Your “studio” no longer serves as a junk room – there’s space to actually create something

“I’m loving the minsgame! Now that it’s over I can’t help but keep going with decluttering. The habit has taken hold of me.”

– Amy Mason, owner of Stony Brook Design

Stop buying stuff you don’t need

When you’re shopping like everyone else, you might be buying pretty things to make your home feel cozy. But it’s really hard for a handmade mug to shine when it’s surrounded by 24 random mugs with company names and silly slogans.

Owning less clutter helps you find your style, showcase what you love and feel confident when friends start complimenting your living room.

The old china in the basement is costing you nerves and money

Let’s do a little thought experiment.

  • Say you spent $20 a month buying decorative things at vintage flea markets (great taste!)
  • Let’s say half of those things don’t really make it on display in your home because you they don’t really fit with what you have
  • That’s $120 of beautiful things gathering dust in the back of your drawer every year – and that doesn’t count the everyday items you buy like kitchen equipment, craft supplies, and guest room towels
  • If you also spent $50 a month on clothes you don’t end up wearing, that’s a whopping $600 a year that disappear without you getting anything in return. Not counting the fact that you need a place to store all those clothes – how much of your lovely home is dedicated to housing maybe-I’ll-wear-it-someday clothes?

Decluttering is the way to go here.

“Simplifying my things/my activities is something I do almost on a daily basis now. The daily reflection “Do I still need this? Can I change this?” is fully ingrained in me at this point.” –

Amy Mason, owner of Stony Brook Designs

Awesome side effects of decluttering

  • A more beautiful home with a cohesive sense of style
  • No more “I don’t have anything to wear!” moments – your wardrobe feels like you
  • Spending less on random things and more on things that make you happy

“Seeing that pile of 496 things made me giddy. Seriously, I was prancing around it like a ceremonial fire or something, giggling. I brought it to the Swap Shop and now it’s GONE.”

– Amy Mason, owner of Stony Brook Design

About Iris

Iris’ coaching helps women simplify their daily lives so feel focused and at ease. Her work is inspired by minimalism, habit work, and the psychological knowledge she gained during her B.Sc. in Psychology. Her laser-sharp listening skills coupled with her warmth make sure you feel seen as you decipher overwhelm and turn it into clarity. Clients report her sessions leave them feeling inspired, appreciated and “realistically invincible”.