The night I was finally able to pay rent from my business

I was sitting at my laptop thinking “Is this it? Is this what I’ve been working towards for so long?”

I had just signed another coaching client, and it happened with such ease that I almost wasn’t sure if this was for real. But when I checked again, the contract was still signed, the money was paid and her first session booked in my calendar.

It dawned on me that this was one of those turning point moments: For the first time I was able to pay rent + food just from my coaching income.

And the best part was: I had finally understood how to make money as a coach (with integrity + style) in a way that felt really good.

So, this was definitely a monumental moment in the life of Iris.

Yet it was still me sitting behind my laptop at my parents’ place late at night, and even though everything was sorta different – I still felt the same.

This Iris  was the same that I had been two hours ago before signing on my new client. What a bummer – and how beautiful.

I think many of us have this thought that EVERYTHING, including us, will be radically different if we can just achieve this one thing, our big goal.

Truth is:

The person that’s staring back at you in the mirror is still the same. You still have the same messy morning hair and your favorite mug is still chipped. As you sit by yourself at night, or catch a moment of alone time throughout your busy day, you are still very much you, and it’s still you who deals with your thoughts and feelings and emotions.

It’s easy to hope that when X finally happens, live will be altered profoundly. And yes of course, if you keep moving forward and making changes, one day your life will probably be more pleasurable and more you than it is now. But underneath it all you’ll still be the same person.

Remember you are you no matter what you achieve.

So don’t attach your worthiness to any goal or achievement. It just won’t alter the fact that your essence is still the same, and you will be just as lovable and deserving of all things good whether you tick 24 things of your to-do list or watch upworthy videos all day.

Not suggesting you spend all your time eating ice cream and watching Disney movies – I’m just pointing out that if you’re always going to be the same amount of awesome.

The conclusion I drew from this? Is that we all deserve delicious self-care, lots of love and good times no matter where we are in life.

That’s what I learned from sitting with myself late at night with enough money to pay rent in my bank account.

Are you a coach too & have yet to get to the point of making a living coaching? Email me with your questions & I’ll be happy to answer them. 

Author: Iris

Iris Barzen is a coach for entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals. Her work is based on her degree in psychology + 7 years of coaching experience. She offers evidence-based strategies rather than self-help advice to help her clients get the right things done consistently, so they can build the life they want.