If we wanna live lives of meaning + happiness, aka wake up excited in the morning, there’s one thing we just can’t do anymore: Making compromises.

No I don’t mean compromises as in finding an agreement with your boyfriend about who’s gonna take out the trash or how you’re gonna deal with being a meat eater and a vegan.

In that case, compromising is just a fair thing to do, and it’s healthy.

But I’m talking about making compromises with your life. Doing things you don’t reaaally wanna do, but that you feel like you should be doing. Settling for less (ugh, scary right?)

Here’s the thing: If we want to live lives that support us in feeling alive, that help us thrive? We gotta take a good hard look at our commitments and throw out a few that aren’t serving us anymore.

That might be small things like ditching the afternoon sugar shot in the form of a Snickers (I know, that sure feels big!) or literally throwing out all the clothes that you wore when you were just a different type of you.

It also means looking at the big things in life: Our job, relationships, the place we live.. you know, the scary stuff.

Because if we don’t stop compromising here, we’re gonna feel it. We know when we’re bullshitting ourselves and sugarcoating the fact that we HATE our job, but we can’t quit because you can’t ditch the security of a paycheck, and what will your friends say, and what the hell would you do with yourself if you didn’t drag yourself to work every day?

I promise you, if you stay in that situation that you kinda sorta know deep down isn’t what you want? You’re gonna resist it like mad. No, it’s not gonna get better once you achieved x. Deep down you’ll always know that you’re not living your truth, and that doesn’t just suck, it’s also gonna erode the trust + respect you have for yourself.

What are you afraid to look at? What parts of your life are you doing just because you tell yourself there’s no other option?

Getting a little honest with yourself goes a long way.

And when you decide that things need to go, well, let me tell you: It’s all going to be okay.

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