You went so high, almost touched the sky – and then you fell. Hard. You crashed into the ground and felt your bones shatter.

Your confidence, broken.

Self doubt at an all time high.

You were doing so well. You put in all your heart, and you were willing to do what it takes.

But you didn’t expect it to be so hard. No one told you shattered bones would be all-inclusive.

You cry.

You’re loosing hope.

You want to give up, you yearn for the relief the numbness of going back to your old life will give you. You want to forget.

Shame is burning inside you. Who are you to reach so high, dream so big? They will say they always knew you wouldn’t make it, nodding in comprehension and with a precocious look in their eyes. “You just got too big for your britches. Now come back to our side. We don’t have passion and fulfillment, but we can offer you flattened-out feelings, and comforting certainty. Your life will become predictable again.

You get up. You lift your head and look them in the eye, catching a small glimpse of their lives. You take a small step. They look at you, waiting. Nodding approval.

Your heart strikes. Your soul is aching.

You take a deep breath.

And you run.

The other way, away from the approval, the certainty. Because you’ve heard your heart whisper “I believe in you”.

And that was enough for you to realize that there is a glimmer of hope waiting for you if you just turn around and open your eyes to it.

You’re here once again, at the starting line.

Plan B: Try again.

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