Simplify Your Days

When we have a big dream it’s easy to lose track of the initial desire as we dive headfirst into the action phase.

We think we need to speed up and add more to-dos to our days. Our days can become really crowded. This is when simplifying your days and thinking about your ideal day can help us feel less overwhelmed.

I made a little video talking about this.

The core idea: Get back to the original intention. Simplify. What does your ideal day look like – what are some of the components? As in I + verb. Pick 5.

Now start adding those ingredients to your day and cut out the rest. Starting a business? What’s the core activity you love? Do more of that.

The Result: Feeling calm and focused, actually feeling the way you want to feel now & getting to where you want to go faster. Yes!


Author: Iris

Iris' coaching helps women simplify their daily lives so feel focused and at ease. Her work is inspired by minimalism, habit work, and the psychological knowledge she gained during her BA in Psychology. Her laser-sharp listening skills coupled with her warmth make sure you feel seen as you decipher overwhelm and turn it into clarity. Clients report her sessions leave them feeling inspired, appreciated and "realistically invincible".

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