Simplify Your Days

When we have a big dream it’s easy to lose track of the initial desire as we dive headfirst into the action phase.

We think we need to speed up and add more to-dos to our days. Our days can become really crowded. This is when simplifying your days and thinking about your ideal day can help us feel less overwhelmed.

I made a little video talking about this.

The core idea: Get back to the original intention. Simplify. What does your ideal day look like – what are some of the components? As in I + verb. Pick 5.

Now start adding those ingredients to your day and cut out the rest. Starting a business? What’s the core activity you love? Do more of that.

The Result: Feeling calm and focused, actually feeling the way you want to feel now & getting to where you want to go faster. Yes!

Author: Iris

Iris Barzen is a coach for entrepreneurs and C-suite professionals. Her work is based on her degree in psychology + 7 years of coaching experience. She offers evidence-based strategies rather than self-help advice to help her clients get the right things done consistently, so they can build the life they want.

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