Checklist: How to hire the best productivity coach for you

An illustration of a confident woman holding a checkmark sign. She is standing next to a giant list on paper.

Many productivity coaches make big promises about helping you “unleash your potential”. “Work with me”, they say, “you will eliminate procrastination forever and achieve your goals 10x faster”. But you have read All. The. Time Management Books. You are not new to the productivity game. So how can you know that working with a coach […]

What does a productivity coach do? Should you hire one?

What is a productivity coach? Can they make me more productive?

Productivity coaching is for a) procrastinators and b) high achievers or c) people who manage to be both. Let’s have a look at what a productivity coach does and how they might be able to help you get the right things done with more ease. What does a productivity coach do in general? Simply put: […]

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