The kind of productivity I crave

The kind of productivity I crave

I crave the kind of productivity that makes me feel content at the end of the day. I crave a balance between focused work and time to be human; to meet friends, cook a meal and read a book. When I work, I want to … Be in the moment and focus on what I’m doing […]

Glorified Busyness

  We live in a time that glorifies being busy. If you’re not busy, well then you’re probably not trying hard enough. “I don’t have time” has become the go-to excuse for just about anything. But does this busyness contribute to our quality of life? Is it really a sign of superiority for our species […]

What it feels like to go after your dreams (with ups and downs ‘n all)

“There must be more to life than this” I thought to myself one and a half years ago. This tiny thought is what got me and so many others started on our journey to create a life of happiness and meaning for ourselves. Often one of the first steps we take is visualizing our ideal […]

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