As I’m tyipng this early in the morning, I have a cup of strong black tea to my right and a bowl of cream puffs to my left. My desk looks like it’s just another ordinary day (minus the cream puffs, maybe), but if you were to look behind me you’d see a telltale mess of boxes and scattered things. I’m moving today!

Luckily, I woke up early and find myself with a few quiet hours before my mom comes over to help me paint, clean and pack everything into the car.

So excuse me if I take this as a moment to muse on new beginnings, would you?

There’s something so beautiful about starting a new chapter, a new beginning. It feels full of promises, like a blank page not yet scribbled upon with the mundane twists and turns of daily life.

Moving is a very obvious change to anyone’s life and lends itself well to serve as a new beginning, a flag in the sand to show us that things are going to be different from now on.

Creating a miniature new beginning for yourself

Obviously we can’t move every time we want to get that fresh crisp feeling of a new beginning.

But I bet there are several moments of beginning in your life every year. When you start a new exercise program, or a freeflow writing practice, or buy the domain to your very own corner of the internet. It doesn’t have to be a big change for it to have the capacity to infuse our lives with a healthy dose of optimism and giddiness.

It’s easy to rush through these early moments so we can leave the old version of ourselves gathering dust at the speed of our progress. Which is fine, really. Our lives are full and not everything has to be monumental. But when you catch the glimpse of a new beginning in your life, maybe take a moment to let it sink in. Feel the excitement of it, the promises it holds.

And then drink up your cup of tea and pack some boxes. :)

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